About us

Przedsiębiorstwo Przetwórstwa Mięsnego Firma Marcinkowscy Sp. z o.o.is a family-run business established in the 90’s by Zbigniew and Bogdan Marcinkowscy.
The company conducts its business activity in the sector of meat industry and deals primarily in swine slaughter and pork cutting.


Over the past two years, our production has increased dynamically. Currently, the slaughter volume reaches the level of 10 thousand animals per week, 95% of which is sold in the form of pork cuts and the remaining 5% as half-carcasses.

While we mainly deliver meat to the domestic and the European market, our flexibility and ability to adjust to the recipients’ allows us to cooperate with customers from Asia, Africa and the Americas. Thanks to the company’s modern logistics – transport base, it has the potential to guarantee timely supplies at all times.


Years of experience of the company owners, who constantly make every effort to ensure continued development and proper functioning of the company, coupled with qualified personnel make it an expert and a leader on the meat market.

Our history

We’ve been on the market since 2000. Throughout all the periods its business activity, the company has been developing and extending its business offer.


Establishment of Przedsiębiorstwo Przetwórstwa Mięsnego Firma „Marcinkowscy” Sp. z o.o.


Construction of Cold Store


Implementation and certification of BRS quality system


Extension of slaughterhouse – construction of blast cooling chamber and lairage


Modernization of slaughter line


Introduction of gas slaughter


Extension of meat cutting plant and installation of new meat cutting line


Construction of sewage treatment plant and new lairage

Cold store, purchase of live swine, meat cutting plant

slaughterhouse, meat cutting, cold store